Photo Credit: B Team Rally Media

Photo Credit: B Team Rally Media


The VRO is an organisation that provides vital support to Rally Organisers.

The VRO has accepted responsibility for hiring out the following equipment:

  • Vic Rally Clocks
  • RallySafe-compatible tablets
  • Event signage – Free to borrow (Replacement costs do apply for lost signage!)
  • Public Address system
  • Pie Net Radios and repeater
  • A supply of Do Not Enter Rally tape for organisers to use for marking off areas at events (available at a considerable discount while stocks last!)
  • Fluoro vests

Hiring Equipment

The hiring of the above equipment can be arranged by contacting:

John Roberts
 0408 355 123


Collection and Return of Equipment

Collection and return of all equipment is the responsibility of event organisers, as is the installation of the Pie Net repeater.

The Radio Equipment is supplied in a 6×4 Tradies trailer (7-pin flat plug).

VRO Membership

Membership of the VRO is offered to each Victorian Car Club organising an event in a calendar year.

In addition, there is a small VRO executive, which meets 4 times per year.

The VRO is a dedicated group of volunteers who provide an invaluable service to the sport. Should you need to contact the VRO for assistance, please direct your enquiry to the VRO Secretary by emailing