Photo Credit: B Team Rally Media

Photo Credit: B Team Rally Media

Rally Panel

The Victorian Rally Panel (VRP) is responsible for providing assistance to the Victorian State Council of Motorsport Australia (MA) with the planning and administration of all rallying activities in Victoria, including Rallies, Rally Sprints, Touring Road Events and Touring Assemblies. Specifically, some of the duties of the Victorian Rally Panel include:

  • Preparation of the calendar of events
  • Co-ordination of the various Rally and Rally Sprint series
  • Maintenance of the Point Scores, Seeding, Grading Lists and the Victorian Rally Bulletin (VRB)
  • Assist Victorian Car Clubs in the organisation of events.
  • The Rally Panel works within the framework of the Rally panel terms of reference, which are approved by MA from time to time.

The Victorian Rally Panel meets on the second Tuesday of each month, via an online meeting.

Non-Rally Panel members are welcome to attend the monthly Rally Panel meetings, provided they first seek an invitation from the Victorian Rally Panel Chairman.

The October Victorian Rally Panel Meeting is open to all interested parties, and provides an opportunity for individuals to nominate for the role of Victorian Rally Panel Chairman, or to express an interest in being a member of the Panel.

The Victorian Rally Panel is a dedicated group of volunteers who provide an invaluable service to the sport – should you need to contact people for assistance, please direct your enquiry to the Panel Chairman.

Darryn Snooks


Motorsport Australia State Panel Standing Orders can be found on the Motorsport Australia Website.

Nominations for Victorian Rally Panel members are opened at the annual Open Meeting of the Victorian Rally Panel, typically held in October, however interested parties are welcome to contact the VRP any time, by emailing the panel secretary Contact

The Victorian Rally Panel’s current members are:

Darryn Snooks                           Victorian Rally Panel Chair

Rob Plenter                                Deputy Chair/Secretary

Stuart Lawless                           RP Plate Coordinator

Brett Williams

Peter Canals

Jarryd Indiana-Sweeney

Troy Dawson

James Leoncini

Chris Aggenbach

John Roberts