Photo Credit: B Team Rally Media

Photo Credit: B Team Rally Media


Organisation of a rally takes months of planning and liaison with various external organisations such as Motorsport Australia, Forestry bodies, local councils and state road authorities (Vic Roads), and emergency services (Police, Fire and Ambulance). Requirements are outlined in the Victorian Rally Bulletin Part B in relation to organisational planning requirements, procedures for special conditions, the minimum requirements for all road events as well as special conditions that may applied depending on the type of rally you are running.

Useful Information and requirements are also available below.

2025 Event Applications

Instructions for event applications can be accessed in the next few months.

All 2025 event applications are to be made via the online form at

Each year’s calendar is subject to a consultative process with the DEWLP, applications for ALL the next year’s events generally close on 31st July of the current year.

Events wishing to be included in the VRC or VCRS series for the following year must seek approval from the relevant management committee prior to submitting their event application to the Victorian Rally Panel.

Fully route charted events may only be conducted by Clerks of Course who hold a Gold, Silver or Bronze Event Command license.

No applications will be accepted after the 31st July closing date.

Road event application forms along with a map marked with the forest areas your event wishes to use must be received by that date.

The map is available on the DEWLP website and is called the Forest Online Explorer Map.  It is available at the link:

No event promoter, be they a club or private organisation, will be granted a permit to conduct an event in Victoria if they have monies owing to Motorsport Australia or Motorsport Australia administered funds, owners of roads damaged during the course of events, and/or prizes or prize-monies owed to competitors from previous events.

Rally Scrutineers

The Victorian Rally Scrutineers Group (VRSG) is responsible under the direction of the Victorian State Council Executive (VSCE) and the Victorian Rally Panel (VRP) for the management of Victorian Rally Scrutineers.

For the list of current Victorian Rally Scrutineers, refer to the Victorian Rally Bulletin Part A.

The scrutineers listed in the VRB Part A are those approved by the VRSG to carry out regional scrutineering when the supplementary regulations permit.

ALL scrutineers are available to give advice before or during a rally car build or re-build.