Photo Credit: B Team Rally Media

Photo Credit: B Team Rally Media


Fast Tack Towing and Transport was founded by Braeden Kendrick through his love, passion and involvement for motor sports. Braeden has been heavily involved in the motor sports scene from an early age.

When Braeden isn’t driving his own race car in events around Melbourne, you will find him with his truck towing other high performance race cars.

Due to Braeden’s love for motor sports, he understands each client and their many different needs. Braeden is very accommodating and is always ready and willing to help you out to the best of his ability. Braeden is available to discuss any car issues that you may be experiencing to provide you with his best advice.

Servicing Melbourne metro, North West and South Eastern suburbs. Depots in Essendon and  Williamstown, you can hire a cheap private tow truck from $77.

Locally owned, Fast Track Towing and Transport combines Braeden’s knack for car mechanics with a passion for all things racing to bring you a top quality 24-hour towing service based out of Essendon. From a shell to a performance vehicle, they understand their customers’ expectations for their car to be protected and delivered safely.