Photo Credit: B Team Rally Media

Photo Credit: B Team Rally Media


Kathryn Adams is a commercial lawyer of seventeen years experience. She has had a pretty wild career, having been based around the world (including Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom), specialising in the vast areas of commercial, corporate and employment law. People know her as the assertive, “no-nonsense” lawyer who avoids the “pomp and ceremony” and just focuses on getting the job done.

Kathryn also previously ran her own wedding and events company. She is also a lifestyle and product photographer and loves all things interior design. That gives Kathryn the “inside knowledge” of the workings of event businesses.

As a result, it made complete sense that when COVID-19 brought havoc to the Australian events industry, she “stepped into the ring” and was able to utilise her skills as a commercial lawyer, and use the love, passion and experience she had with all things events, and merge it all together to assist people with the complicated legal issues that were surfacing as a result of the pandemic.

Fast forward to now,  she is Australia’s first lawyer to specialise in “event law”, with the focus on advising event suppliers.

As a result of COVID-19, Kathryn has advised hundreds of businesses over the course of the past two years in relation to the various legal issues within the Australian event industry.

Kathryn advises various suppliers, including celebrants, photographers and videographers, event planners, stylists, hair and markup artists, stationary suppliers, florists, cake designers, formal attire designers and suppliers, car hire and many more.